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Mitsubishi Electric 15.5KW Multi Head Split System Air Conditioner Reverse Cycle Inverter (Up To 8 Indoor Units)

Outdoor Unit MXZ-8C160VAMD

The Mitsubishi Electric Inverter Multi-Split System is designed to allow multiple indoor units to be connected to a single outdoor unit, enhancing exterior aesthetics by reducing outdoor units

15.5KW Multi Head Split System Air Conditioner Reverse Cycle Inverter (Up To 8 Indoor Units)

Mitsubishi Electric Inverter Multi-Split Systems fulfill the air conditioning needs of up to 8 rooms with a single outdoor unit. Perfect for apartments and two-storey homes.

Multi-head system ideal for outside areas that have minimal space with condenser being able to connect to multiple indoor units. You also have a choice of different indoor units, such as wall mounted, cassette, bulk head and floor type.

Mitsubishi Multi-Split systems allow the comfort you are seeking without the noise. Based on smooth operation and innovative features such as automatic selection of low-noise mode when operation load is low. Choose a wall-mounted model to create a comfortable space where noise levels allow for soothing peace and quiet.

Efficient operation is achieved through cooling/heating only the desired space, reducing waste by preventing air conditioning of areas where it's not needed. Using an individual air conditioner for each required space allows for a more economical performance. Combining this concept with the latest innovative inverter technologies, Mitsubishi are able to offer industry-leading levels of energy-efficient operation for both heating and cooling.


Model Name
Power Supply (V,Phase,Hz,Source)
230,Single,50,Outdoor Power Supply
Cooling Capacity Rating KW
Cooling Power Input Outdoor (KW)
Cooling Running Current Outdoor (A)
Sound Pressure Levels - Outdoor At 1m [Low-High] (dBa)
48 - 51
Cooling Air Volume (Outdoor) I/s
Heating Capacity Rating KW
Heating Power Input Outdoor (KW)
Heating Running Current Outdoor (A)
Sound Pressure Levels - Outdoor At 1m (dBa)
Heating Air Volume (Outdoor) I/s
Outdoor - Dimensions (HxWxD) (mm)
1338 x 1050 x 330
Weight - Outdoor (kg)
Breaker Size - Single Phase (A)
Piping - Max Total Length [Total/Each] (m)
Piping - Max Height*2 (m)
Guaranteed Operating Range - Cooling (C)
-5 to 46
Guaranteed Operating Range - Heating (C)
-20 to 21